Location-based subscription.
No username. No password.

Institutional Subscription

Malaysiakini - as an organisation with a social mission - feels that it is time for fellow organisations and institutions to redefine our role in this country. An evolution, so to speak, must take place in order for us to play a role of greater significance in taking Malaysia to new heights.

Being part of an organic ecosystem, together we have enough power to bring seen and unseen changes to this country through our respective industries. As such, it is important for us to stay continuously informed about the issues surrounding our country and try our best to bring about solutions which will help the people and the government of this country.

We have enough resources and power to take such a stand. Together, we can invent a greater Malaysia.

Malaysiakini's Institutional Subscription package allows all users from a particular location to gain access to our stories without the need for a username or password. This is specifically designed for those who need to access Malaysiakini on a regular basis.

All members will also gain full access to Malaysiakini archives. Organisations are required to use a Fixed/Static IP Address for their internet gateway.

RM 5,000 / year

Suitable for:

  • Universities
  • Libraries
  • Embassies
  • Government ministries
  • Research groups
  • Private companies
  • Non-profit organisations

Terms & conditions:

  1. Access via Fixed/Static IP address to the Malaysiakini news portal are required.
  2. Access via Fixed/Static IP address to the Malaysiakini news portal are limited to 255 IP addresses in a single range.
  3. Access are limited within the premises of an organisation.
  4. Access via mobile phone outside the premises of an organisation are not supported.
  5. Access via Dynamic IP addresses and Proxy Server/Portals are not supported.

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